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Final Report of AOSWA-3

Mamuru Ishii, NICT, Japan


Opening Ceremony
Ceremony Chair : Mamoru Ishii (NICT, Japan)

Introduction of AOSWA

Toshio Iguchi, NICT, Japan


Special Session 1
Chair : Arun Kumar Upadhayaya (CSIR-NPL, India)

The seeds, needs and wants of NICT space weather activities

Mamoru Ishii ( NICT, Japan)


Continuous GPS receiver network in Vietnam and application for the ionospheric total electron content study in Southeast Asian region

Le Huy Minh ( VAST, Vietnam)

Christine Amory-Mazaudier,Rolland Fleury,Patrick Lassudrie-Duch esne,Alain Bourdillon,

Lan Tran Thi,Thanh Nguyen Ha,Thang Nguyen Chien


A COSPAR/ILWS roadmap towards advanced space weather science to protect society's technological infrastructure

Tsutomu Nagatsuma ( NICT, Japan)

Karel Schrijver,Kirsti Kauristie,the COSPAR/ILWS roadmap team


Space Weather Research & Activities in Malaysia

Zahira M. Radzi ( ANGKASA, Malayasia)

Nyanasegary Bhoopathy,M. Redzuan Tahar,Mhd Fairos Assillam,Noor din Ahmmad


Space weather service and collaborations in NAOC

Huaning Wang ( NAOC, China)

Han He,Xin Huang


Space Weather Monitoring in Pakistan

Ghulam Murtaza ( Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission

(SUPARCO), Pakistan)


Monitoring and forecasting the Regional Ionosphere based on G NSS techniques

Zahra Bouya ( IPS, Australia)

Matthew Francis,Michael Terkildsen


Space Weather Activity at KMITL and Its Research Networks in T hailand

Pornchai Supnithi ( KMITL, Thailand)

Prasert Kenpankho,Tharadol Komolmis,Mamoru Ishii


Special Session 2
Chair : Yongha Kim (CNU, Rebuplic of Korea)

Activities of the Korean Space Weather Center

Sung Won Park (KSWC, Republic of Korea)

Sunhak Hong,Seung-man Choi


Space weather effects on air navigation and utilization of spac e weather information

Susumu Saito ( ENRI, Japan)


Advance on space weather services at SEPC

Siqing Liu ( NSSC, China)


Space Weather Research Development in UKM through International Collaboration

Mardina Abdullah ( UKM, Malaysia)

Siti Aminah Bahari


Introducing of global data system for Solar Terrestrial science in Asia-Oceania

Toshihiko Iyemori ( Kyoto Univ., Japan)

Bernd Ritschel,IUGONET Steering Committee,IUGONET Development G roup


Space Weather Operations and Research Activities at the IGGCAS

Xiukuan Zhao ( IGGCAS, China)

Baiqi Ning,Guozhu Li


Developing the space weather monitoring and information system in Indonesia

Clara Yatini ( LAPAN, Indonesia)

Timbul Manik


KASI's contributions to space weather in the past 10 years

Kyungsuk Cho (KASI, Republic of Korea)


Special Session 3
Chair : Pornchai Supnithi (KMITL, Thailand)

Collaboration Priorities to Improve Space Weather Service

Terrance Onsager ( NOAA, USA)


Space Weather Monitoring and Forecast in Taiwan

Jann-Yenq Liu ( NSO, Taiwan)

I-Te Lee


Solar simulation research focused on space weather

Tetsuya Magara ( KHU, Korea)


North Pacific Observation System of Space Weather

Boris Shevtsov ( IKIR, Russia)


Observations of solar radio bursts using a high-resolution spe ctro-polarimeter

Hiroaki Misawa ( Tohoku Univ. Japan)

Fuminori Tsuchiya,Kazumasa Iwai,Takahiro Obara,Yuto Katoh,Shint aro Sato,

Kazutaka Kaneda,Hirotaka Kashiwagi


Observation Field for Ionosphere monitoring in Chiang Mai

Siramas Komonjinda ( CMU, Thailand)

Tharadol Komolmis,Ekkarach Somboon


Space Weather Effects of Solar Wind Transients in the Sun-Earth Distance - Interplanetary Scintillation Studies

Periasamy Manoharan ( NCRA, India)


Ongoing Space Weather Program in Taiwan

I-Te Lee ( Central Weather Bureau, Taiwan)

Mark Cheng,Jann-Yenq Liu,Hsu-Hui Ho,Base Hsu,Phil Huang


Special Session 4
Chair : Zahara Bouya (IPS, Australia)

Space weather research and activities at USTC, China

Yuming Wang ( USTC, China)


Stratospheric warmings & Ionospheric F2- region Variability: O (1S) dayglow a proxy to thermospheric dynamics

Arun Upadhayaya ( NPL, India)


The R2O transition activities for the space weather operation in Korea: Moving forward to the future.

Seung Jun Oh ( SELab Inc., Korea)

Sangwoo Lee,Jeong-Deok Lee,Kyu-Chul Choi,Jonghyuk Yi,Mi-Young P ark,Sunhak Hong,

Sungwon Park,Daeyun Shin,Geonhwa Jee


Introduction to MAGDAS of ICSWSE and to International Capacit y Building of ISWI

Akimasa Yoshikawa ( Kyushu Univ., Japan)


In-situ Measurements of the Cosmic Radiation on the Aircraft A ltitude over Korean Peninsula

Inchun Park ( Korea Airforce Weather Wing, Republic of Korea)

Jaewon Lee,Jaejin Lee


Multi-point ground-based observations of the thermosphere and ionosphere over Asia and Oceania by STEL, Nagoya University

Kazuo Shiokawa ( STEL, Japan) Yuichi Otsuka



Discussion Time
Chair : Mamoru Ishii (NICT, Japan)


Omiai Session's Matrix & Metadata


Space Weather Event Report Session1
Chair:S. Watari (NICT) P.K. Manoharan (Radio Astronomy Centre)


Overview of solar-terrestrial environment between June, 2014 and March, 2015

S. Abe (International Center for Space Weather Science and Education, Kyushu University)


CMEs during the Fukuoka Workshop Events

N. Gopalswamy

P. Makela, H. Xie, S. Akiyama, and S. Yashiro ( Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA)


Long term variation of space weather activity

M. Shinohara (Kagoshima National College of Technology)


On NICT space weather forecast between June, 2014 and March, 2015

S. Watari

H. Kato, and K. Yamamoto ( National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)


Observational characteristics of AR 12192

X. Huang

H. Wang ( National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences)


Cause and effect of the September 12-13, 2014 geomagnetic storm

K. Cho

S. Kim, J. Hwang, Y. Kwak, R. Kim ( Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute)

S.-H. Park (National Observatory of Athens) P. Kumar ( Korea Astronomy and Space Science



Flux rope analysis of solar wind structures associated with the selected events

K. Marubashi (Former researcher of National Institute of Communications and Technology)


Report of Cosmic-Ray Neutron Observations in 2014

T. Watanabe ( National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)

M. Hirahara, F. Abe, and A. Maeda (Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory, Nagoya University)


General Idea of the Data-Analysis Session of the SCOSTEP-WDS Workshop on Global Data Activities for the Study of Solar-Terrestrial Variability

T. Watanabe ( National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)


High energy particle observation at GEO obtained from Space Environment Data Acquisition Monitor (SEDA) onboard Himawari-8

T. Nagatsuma (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)


Geomagnetic event review (September 2014 - February 2015)

M. Sasaoka

T. Ohkawa (Kakioka Magnetic Observatory, Japan Meteorological Agency)


Space Weather Event Report Session 2
Chair: N. Nishitani (STEL, Nagoya University), A. Fujimoto (ICSWSE, Kyushu University)


Space Weather Events during 2014-15 - Ooty Interplanetary Scintillation Studies

P.K. Manoharan (Radio Astronomy Centre, National Centre for Radio Astrophysics)


Geomagnetic indices for the period from June 2014 to March 2015

M. Nose

T. Iyemori (Data Analysis Center for Geomagnetism and Space Magnetism, Kyoto University)


Analysis on selected geoeffective events using observations and models at Space Environment Prediction Center

E. Aa

S. Liu, Q. Zhong, B. Luo, Z. Li, and J. Gong ( National Space Science Center, Chinese Academy of



Ground-based optical and magnetic field measurements of the upper atmosphere by STEL, Nagoya University

K. Shiokawa (Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory, Nagoya University)


Space weather events analysis according to the observations of northeastern Russia

S. E. Smirnov

V. V. Bychkov, O. V. Mandrikova, I. S. Solovev, Yu. A. Polozov, T. L. Zalyaev, S. Y. Homutov (IKIR,

Russia), D. G. Baishev (IKFIA, Russia), I. N. Poddelsky, Z. F. Dumbrava (IKIR, Russia)


Doing Space Weather by Using Ground-based Optical Instruments in the Polar Region

K. Hosokawa (The University of Electro-Communications)


GIC as a return current of the global ionospheric currents during space weather disturbances

T. Kikuchi(Nagoya University),

K. Hashimoto (Kibi International University), S. Watari (National Institute of Information and

Communications Technology) Y. Ebihara (Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere,

Kyoto University)


Space Weather Event Report Session 3
Chair: S. Abe (ICSWSE, Kyushu University), T. Yokoyama (NICT)


A report on the MAGDAS data and EE index from June 2014 to March 2015

A. Fujimoto,

S. Abe, T. Uozumi, M. G. Cardinal, H. Matsushita, S. Imajo and A. Yoshikawa

(International Center for Space Weather Science and Education, Kyushu University)


Ionospheric observations in Japan and Southeast Asia (June 2014 - March 2015)

T. Yokoyama (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)


Slant TEC gradient analysis during 12-13 September, 2014

P. Supnithi (King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand)


Ionospheric weather monitoring by FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC and ground-based GPS receivers

J.-Y. Liu (National Space Origination, Hsin-Chu, Taiwan Institute of Space Science,

National Central University, Taiwan)

I-T. Lee (Center Weather Bureau, Taiwan) Y.-Y. Sun, C.-Y. Lin and C.-T. Hsu (Institute of Space

Science, National Central University, Taiwan) T. Matsuo (Space Weather Prediction Center,

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, USA) , W. Wan (High Altitude Observatory.

National Center for Atmospheric Research, USA)


Dynamics of the ionosphere observed by the SuperDARN Hokkaido East / West HF radars during the 4 November storm event

N. Nishitani

T. Hori (Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory, Nagoya University) and SuperDARN Hokkaido

Pair of (HOP) radars group


Magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling simulation by REPPU (REProduce Plasma Universe) code

T. Tanaka (Kyushu University and National Institute of Information and Communications



Upper atmosphere observations of National Institute of Polar Research

N. Nishitani (Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory, Nagoya University)

A.Kadokura, Y. Ogawa , Y. Tanaka (National Institute of Polar Research)


General Session 1

Solar, Solar-Wind, Magnetosphere
Chair : Siqing Liu (NSSC, China)


A short-term solar eruption events forecasting model

Xin Huang ( NAOC, China)

Huaning Wang


Characteristics of Four SPE Classes According to Onset Timing and Proton Acceleration Patterns

Roksoon Kim ( KASI, Republic of Korea)

Kyungsuk Cho,Jeongwoo Lee,Youngdeuk Park


Evolution of the 12 July 2012 CME from the Sun to the Earth: Data-constrained three-dimensional MHD simulations

Fang Shen (NSSC, China)

Chenglong Shen,Jie Zhang,Phillip Hess,Yuming Wang,Xueshang Feng


Initial Results of Mingantu Ultrawide Spectral Radioheliograph --- the Chinese Spectral Radioheliograph

Yihua Yan ( NAOC, China)

Wei Wang,Liu Fei,Zhijun Chen,Lihong Geng,Linjie Chen,Team CSRH


Korean Radiation Exposure Assessment Model for aviation route dose (KREAM)

Junga Hwang ( KASI, Republic of Korea)

Kyunghwan Dokgo,Enjin Choi,Kyung-Chan Kim,Hang-Pyo Kim,Kyung-Su k Cho


The comparison of the geomagnetic storm in solar cycle 23rd and 24th

Chenglong Shen ( USTC, China)

Yuming Wang,Yutian Chi,Liangwen Shi


General Session 2

Chair : Young-Sil Kwak (KASI, Republic of Korea)


Ionosphere Equivalent Conversion Methods from Oblique to Vertical using Oblique Measurement Data

Cheol Oh Jeong ( ETRI , Republic of Korea)

Jo Jin-Ho


Basic Research: Toward Understanding the Day-to-Day Variability in Structuring of the Nighttime Equatorial F layer

Roland Tsunoda ( SRI International, USA)


E layer critical frequency variation over an equatorial location in Thailand

Prasert Kenpankho ( KMITL, Thailand)

Pornchai Supnithi,Takuya Tsugawa


4-D observation of traveling ionospheric disturbances using a dense GPS receiver array

Kim Yongha ( CNU, Republic of Korea)

Nicholas Ssessanga,Yongha Kim,Hosik Kam


A statistical study of equatorial plasma bubble observed by GPS ROTI measurement along 96 to 120 East longitude over the years 2008 to 2013

Suhaila M Buhari ( NICT, Japan)

Mardina Abdullah,Tatsuhiro Yokoyama,Alina Marie Hasbi,Yuichi Ot suka,Michi Nishioka,

Takuya Tsugawa


CNTEC: A regional ionospheric TEC mapping technique over China and adjacent areas

Siramas Komonjinda ( CMU, Thailand)

Ercha Aa ( NSSC, China)

Wengeng Huang


Three-dimensional high-resolution plasma bubble modeling

Tatsuhiro Yokoyama ( NICT, Japan)

Hiroyuki Shinagawa, and Hidekatsu Jin


Automatic Solar Synoptic Analyzer & High Speed Solar Wind Prediction

Sunhak Hong (KSWC, Republic of Korea),

Sungwon Park, Yungkyu Kim


Summary of the Workshop
Ceremony Chair : Mamoru Ishii (NICT, Japan)

Summary of Special Session: Toward International Collaboration on Space Weather Forecast

Mamoru Ishii (NICT, Japan)


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Group Photo at the LUIGANS (1.6 MB)

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