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Attractions of Fukuoka and Hakata

Fukuoka is an energetic city and the centre of core city of politics, economy, culture and fashion in Kyushu. As "a gateway to Asia", it is well serviced by international air. It also has great accessibility in the city, for instance it only takes 5 minutes to Hakata station and 11 minutes to Tenjin from Fukuoka airport. Fukuoka is expected to further leap forward as its population reached 1.5 million, so come and take a look at this vibrant city!

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    Fukuoka City DATA
  • Population: approx. 1.50 million
  • Area: 340 square kilometers
  • Currency:Yen
  • East Longitude 130°24' 06'' North


Many nature spots, such as the Sea of Genkai and Mt. Sefuri, are located within a short distance from the central part of Fukuoka city. You can rest at a sylvan park in the middle of the city or stroll around the Bayside area. There is good transportation access to Uminonakamichi, Shikanoshima Island as well as Nokonoshima Island. On a sunny day, you can enjoy a ship cruise and make the most of your vacation.


Fukuoka city had its glory days as a castle town under Kuroda clan and started trading with Asian countries from long ago. The best places for you to trace back the roots of the town are Kushida shrine, which has a temporal exhibition on the history of Hakata, Fukuoka castle ruins or Koro-kan (an ancient guesthouse for diplomacy). The gold seal (a national treasure) which was discovered in Shikanoshima Island is displayed at Fukuoka City Museum and it is also well worth seeing.


Fukuoka is a gourmet city known as the birthplace of Hakata ramen, Motsunabe (beef or pork offal hotpot) and Mizutaki (chicken broth hotpot). There are also various kinds of local cuisine such as bite-size gyoza (pan-fried dumpling) and fresh seafood caught from the Sea of Genkai that make locals satisfy with great relish. If you feel like enjoying a local lifestyle, food stalls are the recommended spots at night.


Traditional Crafts

Hakata Ningyo (doll), Hakata Magemono (container and lunchbox made with the skin of cherry and cedar trees) and Hakata Koma (spinning top) are Hakata's traditional craftsmanship. You can purchase these crafts at Fukuoka airport and JR Hakata station and also observe a live performance of Hakataori (Hakata style textile) at Hakata Machiya museum. Recently, souvenirs of these mini-sized Hakata dolls and wallets made with Hakata textile are easy to get and have become very popular among tourists.


For shopping enjoyment, visit Tenjin. In this area, there are many department stores and fashion stores which offer a wide range of items from clothing & interior accessories to sundries. Shopping malls located in the suburb areas, such as Marinoa City Fukuoka, which houses a variety of outlet stores; and Hawks Town Mall, which includes a movie theater and spa, are also worth visiting.


Hakatakko (generic term for people in Fukuoka) loves to have festivals. Many festivals and events are held throughout the year and attract a large crowd of visitors. Hakata Gion Yamakasa (July), a big summer event in Fukuoka where local folks carry a portable shrine while running through the streets, is especially worth seeing. There are many other lively events such as Asian Party (Sep-Oct), Dontaku Port Festival (May), which attracts approximately 2.1 million people every year.

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