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The 1st AOSWA Workshop

    The 1st AOSWA Workshop

    From the General Chair


         The Asia-Oceania Space Weather Alliance (AOSWA) was established in 2010 with 13 associated organizations from 7 countries. AOSWA has two major objectives; to make progress in collaborative research and practical operations of space weather forecasting.

    This AOSWA workshop in Chiang Mai, Thailand from February 22nd to 24th is the first regional/international workshop for researchers and operators of space weather forecast in Asia-Oceania countries. The subjects of the workshop are diverse, including research in ionospheric and magnetospheric science, solar wind and other space weather related phenomena.

    It is clear that a regional workshop in the Asia-Oceania area is vital for improvement of space weather forecasting services. The research efforts, operational collaboration, data exchanges, and some competition will lead to further development of space weather activities; a primary goal of the workshop. The AOSWA associate organizations have planned an annual AOSWA workshop, supported by ISES (International Space Environment Service) and other organizations in the Asia-Oceania region.

    It is an honor for NICT to support the first workshop of AOSWA, with the help of Dr. Akachai Sang-In (General Co-Chair), the members of the Local Organizing Committee (Chiang Mai University), the members of the General Committee, and the members of the Program and Organizing Committee. I look forward to fruitful discussions among the participants who work in space weather fields in Asia-Oceania, especially from the view point of Asia-Oceania regional collaborations.


    Executive Director of Applied Electromagnetic Research Institute
    National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
    & General Chair of AOSWA

    From the Co-Chair


         It is another great opportunity for people who work with Space Weather in Asia-Oceania region to gather in Chiang Mai this time for the AOSWA (Asia-Oceania Space Weather Alliance) workshop. Although the AOSWA workshop held between 22nd and 24th February 2012 is the first regional/international workshop, but the experiences accumulated from 13 associated organizations from 7 countries are most valuable things to share and discuss.

         The workshop does not aim only at some specific area, but related phenomena about space weather, such as solar wind, ionospheric and magnetospheric science, are broadly mentioned. As the General Co-chair of the workshop, I do hope that this event will provide and come up with fruitful discussions and conclusions for participants to establish concrete collaborative researches and practical activities in the future, especially in the areas concerning space weather forecasting. So the advances of related knowledge, activities and technologies will be built up in Asia-Oceania countries.

         However, this AOSWA workshop will not be possible if it does not received strong supports from ISES (International Space Environment Service), NICT (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology of Japan) and other organizations in the Asia-Oceania region. So I would like to express my sincere thanks to the mentioned organizations, Local Organizing Committee, Program and Organizing Committees, and all participants for their supports and efforts to make this workshop possible.


    Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering
    Former Dean of Faculty of Engineering (1997-2004)
    Former Vice President of Chiang Mai University (2004-2008)
    & General Co-chair of AOSWA

    Akachai Sang-in, PhD, DIC 


    Important Dates




 Opens: 20 December, 2011
 Closes: 11 January, 2012 (extended)



 Conference registration

 Opens: 20 December, 2011
 Closes: 4 January, 2012

 Hotel registration

 General participants: Please register by yourself

 Workshop Starts

 22 Feb 2012

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21 February
22 February
23 February
Session 3
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Opening Ceremony
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Coffee Break
Session 1 (2)
Poster Session

Poster Vewing

Session 4 (2)

Closing Ceremony
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Business Meeting


Program Overview

  Workshop Schedule & Program (PDF File 183kb)


  The 1st Aoswa Workshop Abstract (PDF File 986kb)


Organization & Management

 General Chair:
  Dr. Toshio Iguchi (NICT, Japan)

 General Co-Chair:
  Dr. Akachai Sang-In (CMU, Thailand)

 General Committee:
  Dr. Ken T. Murata (NICT, Japan)
  Dr. Phil Wilkinson (IPS, Australia)
  Dr. Huaning Wang (NAO, China)
  Dr. Rupesh M. Das (NPL, India)
  Dr. Bae Seok-Hee Joseph (RRA, Korea)

 Program and Organizing Committee:
  Dr. Ken T. Murata (NICT, Japan)
  Dr. Dave Neudegg (IPS, Australia)
   Dr. Huaning Wang (NAO, China)
  Dr. Siqing Liu (NSSC,China)
  Dr. Xiaoxin Zhang (CMA, China)
  Dr. A. K. Upadhayaya (NPL, India)
  Dr. Bae Seok-Hee Joseph (RRA, Korea)
  Dr. Shinichi Watari (NICT, Japan)
  Dr. Tsutomu Nagatsuma (NICT, Japan)
  Dr. Takuya Tsugawa (NICT, Japan)
  Mr. M. Shikatani (NICT, Japan)
  Dr. Takashi Maruyama (NICT, Japan)

 Local Organizing Committee:
  Dr. Tsutomu Nagatsuma (NICT, Japan)
  Dr. Masayuki Fujise (NICT, Japan)
  Mr. Tharadol Komolmis (CMU,Thailand)
  Dr. Suttichai Premrudeepreechacharn (CMU, Thailand)
  Dr. Ukrit Mankong (CMU, Thailand)


Conference Venue

   The 1st. AOSWA Workshop will be held at Imperial Mae Ping Hotel, Chang Mai, Thailand.

   When you make reservation to the Imperial Mae Ping Hotel, please inform to the hotel that
  you are participant of the 1st AOSWA workshop, and the hotel will offer you the following room
  charge (better than standard rate).

    -Superior single /double :1,400/1,600 baht (breakfast included)
    -Deluxe single / double :1,600/1,800 baht (breakfast included)


 Please do not booking via website. If booking via website, there is some charge, so, the room rate
 cannot be as above.
 The participants who have already booking via website, please cancel and make new reservation
 direct to the hotel by using E-mail.



   In the afternoon of February 23, we are planning to visit NICT's observation facilities and a temple by bus.

 The planned time schedule is as follows;

  Feb. 23, 2012 13:30-18:00
   13:30 Departure from the Hotel
   14:00-14:30 Maehia site (FM/CW Ionosonde)
   15:15-16:00 Sirindhorn observatory (All-Sky Imager)
   16:15-17:30 Wat Doi Suthep
   18:00 Arrival at the Hotel