About Us
AOSWA Secretariat
We hope the AOSWA framework promotes the cooperative works concerning space weather activities in Asia and Oceania region.
Space weather is the electromagnetic condition in the near-space around the Earth and it affects telecommunications, broadcast, satellite positioning and many of other social infrastructures. Therefore it is important to obtain the information of space weather as soon as possible for keeping the safe and the secure human life.
We need observation and simulation to have space weather information with high precision. However we need big money to launch an observing satellite and to have a super computer for space weather simulation with high resolution. Since some of the space environment observations, such as solar information, are useful for all regions on the Earth, it is very important to share the resources under international cooperation frameworks.
USA and Europe have already built such frameworks in each region and have developed many cooperative works. Recently an increasing number of Asian countries are interested in space weather and the operation. AOSWA was established as a basement of cooperation concerning space weather activities in the Asia and Oceania region. We hope to promote discussion and cooperation in observation and data sharing under the AOSWA framework.