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AOSWA Secretariat
For the purpose of further development of space weather activities in the Asia-Oceania region such as research efforts, operational collaboration, data exchanges and other various works, the associate’s organization have planned to hold an annual AOSWA workshop and few related sessions.

AOSWA Workshop

2018 The 5th AOSWA Workshop

The 2018 AOSWA (Asia-Oceania Space Weather Alliance) Workshop will be held during 19-21 September 2018 in Bandung, Indonesia.
The workshop will be hosted by Space Science Center, National Institute of Aeronautics and Space, LAPAN.

2016 The 4th AOSWA Workshop

The 2016 AOSWA (Asia-Oceania Space Weather Alliance) Workshop were held during 24-27 October 2016 in Jeju, Korea.
The workshop was hosted by Korean Space Weather Center, RRA.

2015 The 3rd AOSWA Workshop

The workshop“International Collaboration on Space Weather Forecast” was hosted by NICT.

2013 The 2nd AOSWA Workshop

The 2013 AOSWA (Asia-Oceania Space Weather Alliance) Workshop on Space Environment Impacts and Space Weather Forecast Models were held during 4-7 November 2013 in Kunming, China.
The workshop was co-hosted by the National Space Science Center (NSSC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and by the National Astronomical Observatories (NAO), including Yunnan Astronomical Observatory (YNAO) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.


2012 The 1st AOSWA Workshop

2nd Wrokshop The 1st AOSWA Workshop were held in Chiang Mai, Thailand on 22-24 February, 2012